5 Simple Exercises to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

by Nicole Abigail
5 Simple Exercises to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

If you find it difficult to stay active, don’t worry – there are plenty of exercises that you can easily fit into your daily routine. Here are 5 exercises that require no extra equipment and won’t take much of your time:

1. Squats

Squats are great for toning your legs, thighs, and glutes. To do a basic squat, stand up with your feet hip-width apart and then bend your knees as if to sit down. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then stand up again. You can also add a jump when you stand up, for an extra challenge.

2. Push Ups

Push Ups are an effective exercise for building your upper body strength. Start on the floor in a plank position, lower yourself until your chest is almost touching the ground, and then push back up. If you find this too difficult, you can do “girl” push-ups instead, which involves doing push-ups on your knees instead of your toes.

3. Lunges

Lunges are great for toning and strengthening your lower body. Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart, take a big step forward with one foot and then bend both knees until your back knee nearly touches the ground. Push yourself back up and switch legs.

4. Ab Crunches

Ab Crunches are an essential exercise for any fitness routine. Start by lying on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head, keeping your elbows back and engaging your core. Lift your shoulder blades off the floor and then slowly lower back down.

5. Planks

Planks are great for toning your entire body, building strength, and boosting your balance. Start by getting into a standard push-up position and then lower your arms so that your elbows are bent and your forearms are placed on the floor. Make sure your body is straight and hold the position for 30 seconds (or as long as you can).

These 5 simple exercises don’t require any additional equipment and can easily be done in a short amount of time. Adding them to your daily routine will help keep your body healthy and strong in the long run.

What exercises should I do in my daily routine?

1. Squats:

Squats are a great exercise for toning your lower body and strengthening your core.

2. Lunges:

Lunges are great for targeting your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

3. Push-Ups:

Push-ups are great for sculpting your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

4. Planks:

Planks are great for core and abdominal strength.

5. Burpees:

Burpees are a full-body workout. They work your arms, legs, and core.

6. Jump Rope:

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise and can be done anywhere.

7. High Knees:

High knees is a great way to get your heart rate up and increase your lower body power.

8. Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climbers target your core and also strengthens your shoulders, back, and chest.

What are some effective exercises to do at home?

1. Push-Ups

2. Pull-Ups

3. Squats

4. Lunges

5. Step-Ups

6. Burpees

7. Mountain Climbers

8. Plank

9. Jumping Jacks

10. High Knees

11. Jump Rope

12. yoga poses.

What equipment do I need to do exercises at home?

• An exercise mat

• Resistance bands or weights

• Stability balls

• Yoga blocks

• Jump ropes

• Medicine balls

• Exercise DVDs and streaming services

• Exercise videos

• Foam roller

• Ab roller Wheel

• Resistance tubes

• An exercise bench Or chair

• Kettlebells

• Pull up bar

• Pilates ring

• Suspension trainer

What exercises can I do at home with no equipment?

1. Bodyweight Squats

2. Push-Ups

3. Lunges

4. Glute Bridge

5. Step-Ups

6. Bicycle Crunches

7. Plank

8. Jumping Jacks

9. Wall Sit

10. Burpees

11. Chair Dips

12. High Knees

13. Mountain Climbers

14. Jogging in Place

15. Dolphin Push-Ups

16. Jumping Rope (Virtual)

17. Wall Push-Ups

18. Yogic Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

What exercises can I do at home without weights?

1. Pushups

2. Squats

3. Lunges

4. Calf raises

5. Plank

6. Jumping jacks

7. Burpees

8. Mountain climbers

9. High knees

10. Sit-ups

11. Step-ups

12. Chair dips

13. Reverse crunches

14. Crunches

15. Wall sits

16. Glute bridge

17. Superman

18. Scissor kicks

19. Leg raises

20. Jogging in place

What exercises can I do at home without equipment?

1. Jumping jacks

2. Push-ups

3. Sit-ups

4. Squats

5. Lunges

6. Mountain Climbers

7. Burpees

8. High Knees

9. Jump Rope

10. Calf Raises

11. Wall Sits

12. Glute Bridges

13. Planks

14. Step-Ups

15. Knee Tucks

16. Tricep Dips

17. Chair Dips

18. Reverse Crunches

19. Shoulder Circles

20. Torso Twists

What kind of bodyweight exercises can I do at home?

1. Push-ups

2. Plank

3. Squats

4. Lunges

5. Step-Ups

6. Jumping Jacks

7. Burpees

8. Mountain Climbers

9. Calf Raises

10. High Knees

11. Sit-Ups

12. Chair Dips

13. Split Squats

14. Reverse Crunches

15. Knee Tucks

16. Glute Bridge

17. Superman

18. Scissor Kicks

19. Leg Raises

20. Jogging in place

What bodyweight exercises don’t require any equipment?

1. Push-Ups

2. Squats

3. Burpees

4. Plank

5. Dips

6. Wall Sit

7. Lunges

8. Jumping Jacks

9. Mountain Climbers

10. High Knees

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