7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Exercise Routine

by Nicole Abigail
7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Exercise Routine

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and an important contributor to overall wellbeing. But even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to break out of funks and motivate yourself to exercise. Here are 7 simple ways to get back on track and improve your exercise routine:

1. Find a Partner

Working out with someone can be a great way to encourage one another and push each other to the next level. Try finding a friend, family member or even an online community to work out with. Having an accountability partner may help you continue to stay motivated and accomplish your fitness goals.

2. Eat Healthy

Eat nutrient-rich, balanced meals to fuel pre- and post- exercise sessions. Choose foods that provide energy, like complex carbohydrates, lean proteins like legumes and whole grains, and healthy fats like avocados and nuts. Eating properly will ensure you have enough energy to reach your goals, without feeling fatigued.

3 Create a Routine

Creating a schedule for yourself makes it easier to stay consistent. Having a specific plan for yourself can help you to focus and allow you to take advantage of windows of time throughout your day. Instead of making it a random daily occurrence, set a regular time that works best for you.

4. Increase Intensity

When it comes to working out, harder isn’t always better. But if you’re looking to add an extra kick to your routine, try increasing the intensity of your sessions a few times a week. Focus on increasing the time you spend exercising, weight, speed and distance as you’re ready.

5. Change Locations

If you’re feeling uninspired by your usual workout space, try shaking things up and moving around. Stop by the gym on your lunch break, take a walk around the neighbourhood park or even try doing your workouts outdoors when the weather is nice. Moving to different locations can help to keep you engaged and your routine fresh and exciting.

6. Set Goals

Define your fitness goals and establish a timeline for when you want to accomplish them. Keep in mind that progress may not always be linear and it’s important to be patient with yourself. Give yourself compliments when you succeed and adjust when you miss the mark.

7. Reward Yourself

At the end of the week, celebrate your accomplishments! Just like setting goals and milestones, it’s important to reward yourself for all of your hard work and dedication. Pick something to look forward to, like a massage or a family movie night.

Putting these tips into action can help you to create a healthier and more sustainable workout plan. Working on yourself physically is just as important as taking care of your emotional and mental health. So don’t be afraid to make a change and invest in yourself. Good luck!

What exercises should I do to improve my exercise routine?

1. Weight Training: Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Shoulder Presses, Bench Presses.

2. Core Exercises: Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Russian Twists.

3. Cardio: Running, Swimming, Jump Rope, Rowing Machine, Elliptical Trainer.

4. Plyometrics: Squat Jumps, Burpees, Box Jumps, Plyo Push-Ups.

5. Mobility Exercises: Foam Rolling, Stretching, Mobility Drills, Yoga.

Q: What type of exercises should I include in my exercise routine?

A: This is a difficult question to answer without more information like what your fitness level is, what type of goals you have, and your overall level of experience with exercise. In general, a good exercise routine will include aerobic activities, strength training exercises, and flexibility exercises. Examples of aerobic activities include walking, jogging, swimming, biking, rowing, and dancing. Strength training exercises could include weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, plyometric exercises, and band training. Flexibility exercises include stretching, foam rolling, and yoga.

Q: How often should I do the exercises in my exercise routine?

A: The frequency of your exercise routine depends on your individual fitness goals and lifestyle. Generally, you should aim for 30-60 minutes of activity 3-4 times per week for moderate to vigorous intensity. However, you may want to increase the frequency of your workouts if you are trying to reach a specific goal or keep up with a demanding lifestyle.

Q: How long should each exercise in my exercise routine take?

A: The amount of time an exercise should take should depend on the difficulty level of the exercise. Generally speaking, each exercise should take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If you are just starting out or need extra time to complete each exercise, it is perfectly acceptable to take more time. Additionally, if the exercise is particularly difficult, you may need to adjust the intensity level or break the exercise up into smaller parts.

It’s no surprise that exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. But sometimes our exercise routines can get a little stale. To help you freshen up your routine, here are seven simple ways to improve your exercise routine.

1. Switch Up the Time of Day

If you usually workout in the morning, consider switching things up and exercising in the afternoon or evening. This can help keep your body and mind guessing and give you a fresh start to each day.

2. Add Variety

If you always do the same type of workout, you may start to get bored or lose motivation. It’s important to add some variety to your workout, even if it’s a simple change such as taking a different route for your jog or trying a new type of class at the gym.

3. Try a Group Class

Group exercise classes can be a great way to get motivated and stay motivated. You’ll be surrounded by others working hard and pushing themselves, and you may even meet some new friends.

4. Break Up Your Workouts

Breaking up your workouts into shorter segments can help prevent burnout and make it easier to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Try breaking your workouts up into 10-minute chunks throughout the day instead of one long workout.

5. Make it a Social Event

You don’t have to do your exercise routine alone. Having a friend or family member join you can help make it more fun and enjoyable.

6. Give Yourself Rewards

Set a goal for yourself and reward yourself when you reach it. This could be a healthy reward such as a massage or a delicious treat (in moderation of course!).

7. Take a Break

It’s important to give your body and mind a break from time to time. Give yourself a day off from your regular workout routine, and take some time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Following these seven simple tips, you can easily improve your regular exercise routine. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. With a little effort and patience, you’ll be feeling and looking great in no time!

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