How to Get Fit and Stay Motivated: A Guide for Beginner Exercisers

by Nicole Abigail
How to Get Fit and Stay Motivated: A Guide for Beginner Exercisers

Are you ready to start your fitness journey and stay motivated? Getting fit is a challenging process that requires commitment and hard work. But, with some dedication and the right mindset you can achieve your goals and get fit faster than you ever imagined. Here are some tips to help beginner exercisers get fit and stay motivated:

Set Realistic Goals

When you set goals, it is important to ensure that they are realistic. Make sure that they are attainable and that they fit into your lifestyle. It could be something as simple as trying to run a mile or as complex as lifting heavy weights. Whatever it is, make sure that it is something that you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Creating a schedule and sticking to it is an essential part of staying motivated. Dedicate specific days and times for your workouts and make sure to stick to them. This will help to keep you accountable and ensure that you are consistently making progress towards your goals.

Track Your Progress

It is important to track your progress in order to stay motivated and on track. Keep track of how long your workouts are and how much weight you can lift. This information will be useful when it comes to creating new goals or challenging yourself to do better.

Mix It Up

Don’t get too caught up in doing the same exercises all the time. Make sure to mix things up and try different activities to keep your body guessing. This will help keep your workouts fresh and exciting, which can make all the difference when it comes to staying motivated.

Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Working out should be something that you look forward to and enjoy. Don’t make it feel like a chore and find ways to make it more enjoyable. Music, podcasts, or even a friend can make all the difference in ensuring that your workout sessions are enjoyable.

Stay Positive

It is easy to get discouraged when you don’t reach your goals as quickly as you hoped. But, it is important to stay positive and remember that progress takes time. Celebrate the small successes and stay focused on the bigger picture.

Get Support

Finally, consider getting some extra support from friends, family, or a personal trainer. Having someone to motivate and encourage you can make all the difference when it comes to staying motivated and achieving your goals.


Getting fit and staying motivated can be a challenge, but with the right attitude and dedication, anything is possible. Use these tips to help you get started and stay on track. With some hard work and determination, you can reach your fitness goals and get the body you’ve always wanted!

Good luck with your journey and remember: stay motivated and stay healthy!

What types of exercises should a beginner do to get fit?

1. Brisk Walking: Walking is one of the best low-impact exercises that you can do, and it’s very accessible. Brisk walk in your local area which could be a park or a quiet street for about half an hour.

2.Stationary Bike: A stationary bike can be a great way for beginners to start getting fit. You can adjust the resistance to your comfort level as you start.

3. Swimming: Swimming is an effective way to stay fit, lose weight, and build muscle all in one. Don’t worry about advanced drills or anything like that—just a few laps in the pool or the ocean will do wonders for your body.

4. Bodyweight Exercises: Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way for a beginner to start getting fit. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and jumping jacks are all great to try out.

5. Yoga: Yoga is an excellent low-impact way to stretch and strengthen your muscles and improve balance and flexibility. It’s also a great way to relax and destress. Look for a Beginner Yoga class so you don’t feel overwhelmed by more advanced poses.

What muscles should a beginner focus on when starting a fitness routine?

A beginner starting a fitness routine should focus on the major muscle groups, such as the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core (abs), quads, hamstrings, and glutes. These muscles, when worked together, help provide stability and allow for more difficult exercises to be performed. Additionally, certain major muscles are targeted in other forms of exercise, including cardiovascular exercises like running and cycling, as well as body weight exercises like planks and squats. Strengthening the major muscle groups will not just improve a person’s overall fitness level, but will also help reduce the risk of injury.

What exercises are best for a beginner fitness routine?

1. Squats: Start with body weight squats and progress to weighted squats.

2. Planks: Doing planks will help improve your core strength and posture.

3. Push Ups: Push ups are a great way to work your chest, triceps and shoulders.

4. Lunges: Lunges are an excellent way to work the muscles of your legs.

5. Deadlifts: Deadlifts are a great exercise to build strength and power.

6. Burpees: Burpees are a full-body exercise that will get your heart rate up and help build strength.

7. Step Ups: Step ups are a good way to increase your vertical power.

8. Jumping Rope: Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that will help increase your endurance and speed.

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