The Essential Skincare Routine for Natural Beauty

by Nicole Abigail
The Essential Skincare Routine for Natural Beauty

Taking proper care of your skin should be part of everyone’s regular beauty practice. But taking the right kind of care helps to ensure that your skin is healthy and glowing. Here’s the essential skincare routine for natural beauty that’s quick and easy:

Step 1: Cleanse

Before you can apply any of your skincare products, you need to prepare your skin by cleansing.

  • Start by removing your makeup with a gentle cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals.
  • Follow up with a more deep-cleaning, second step that clarifies your skin and whisks away any dirt and debris.

Step 2: Tone

Toner helps to remove any remaining impurities while balancing the skin’s natural pH level. Choose one with natural ingredients and spray onto the skin or apply using a cotton round.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells, which can make your skin look dull. A gentle scrub should be used twice a week to allow the skin to resurface and to promote cell turnover.

Step 4: Moisturize

Moisturizer is essential to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Dry skin types should look for a thicker, creamer formula while combination or oily skin should opt for a lighter, water-based product.

Step 5: Protect

The final step in the routine is to apply sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF. This helps to keep the skin safe from harmful UV rays and environmental damage.

Bonus Step: Nourish

Lastly, nourishing your skin from the inside out is also key. Make sure to get enough fluids, stay hydrated, and get plenty of omega-3 and other product-derived vitamins and minerals.

Following this simple skincare routine every day will help promote healthy, glowing skin and natural beauty.

This article was written by an expert from Nanacoco.

What products should be used in a natural skincare routine?

1. Cleanser: Natural cleansers such as grapeseed oil, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, or castor oil.

2. Exfoliator: Natural exfoliators such as gentle raw honey, oat flour, sea salt, or jojoba beads.

3. Toner: Natural toners such as rose water, witch hazel, green tea extract, or apple cider vinegar.

4. Moisturizer: Natural moisturizers such as shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil.

5. Sunscreen: Natural physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

6. Night cream: Natural night creams such as rosehip seed oil, argan oil, borage oil, or pomegranate seed oil.

7. Mask: Natural masks such as turmeric, honey, aloe vera, or avocados.

This article was written by an expert from Nanacoco.

What ingredients should be avoided in natural skincare products?

1. Parabens: These preservatives have been linked to cancer and hormonal disruption.

2. Synthetic fragrances: These can cause skin irritation, allergies and disrupt hormones.

3. Phthalates: These are endocrine disruptors that can interfere with the development of the reproductive system.

4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)/ Sodium Laureth Sulfates (SLES): These harsh detergents can irritate skin.

5. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: These are known carcinogens.

6. Mineral oil: This petroleum-based ingredient can clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

7. Propylene glycol: This can cause skin irritation and dryness.

8. Oxybenzone: This is a potential hormone disrupter.

This article was written by an expert from Nanacoco.

What are the dangers of using unnatural ingredients in skincare products?

1. Unnatural ingredients can be irritating and harsh on the skin. Some of these ingredients may contain allergens or irritants that can cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, dryness and other skin problems.

2. Unnatural ingredients can be difficult for the skin to absorb, resulting in blocked pores and breakouts.

3. Some synthetic ingredients are derived from petroleum-based sources, meaning they might contain toxins or carcinogens like parabens.

4. Many unnatural ingredients are not biodegradable, so they can pollute the environment and harm wildlife.

This article was written by an expert from Nanacoco.

What are the benefits of using natural ingredients in skincare products?

1. Natural ingredients can be gentle and nourishing to the skin without irritating it.

2. Natural skincare products are less likely to contain harsh chemicals, parabens and other potentially irritants and can be more suitable for sensitive skin types.

3. Herbal extracts, essential oils and other natural ingredients can be effective in treating various skin issues such as acne, eczema and wrinkles.

4. Natural ingredients can contain antioxidants that can help protect the skin from environmental damage.

5. Natural skincare products may be a better choice for those who are looking for more natural, plant-based products.

This article was written by an expert from Nanacoco.

Q: What are the advantages of using natural ingredients in skincare products compared to synthetic ingredients?

A: Using natural ingredients in skincare products has a number of advantages over synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients tend to be gentler on the skin and less likely to irritate, and are often more nourishing and better for overall skin health than synthetics. Natural ingredients tend to be more biodegradable and environmentally friendly, have fewer side effects and last longer on the skin than synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients are often also more sustainable and provide our skin with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Furthermore, natural skincare products are often free from additives, such as dyes and perfumes, that can be harsh on the skin.

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