5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

by Nicole Abigail
5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

We all want to lead a healthier lifestyle and eating well is one of the best ways to do just that. Here are the 5 easy ways to improve your eating habits and reach your health goals:

1. Eat Your Vegetables

It’s no secret that getting your daily dose of vegetables is incredibly important for our health. Eating vegetables regularly can reduce the risk of certain injuries, help maintain a healthy weight, and provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Try to opt for fresh or frozen vegetables, as they tend to contain more nutrients than canned ones.

2. Cut Down on Processed Foods

Processed foods tend to be full of added sugars, salt, and unhealthy fats. Eating too much of these can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of chronic illnesses. Many processed foods are also low in important nutrients, so switch out your processed options for organic, whole foods.

3. Eat Mindfully

When eating your meals, take the time to savor each bite and really enjoy your food. Eating mindfully helps you pay attention to your food and how it makes you feel. Choose to snack on healthy snacks like fruits and nuts and limit your portions for main meals.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is incredibly important! Not only can it help to flush toxins from your body, but it can also help you to stay full longer and reduce unhealthy cravings. Aim to consume 8 glasses of water a day, and add healthy teas into your diet as well.

5. Get Organized

The key to healthy eating is being organized and prepping meals ahead of time. Take the time to batch-cook or meal prep on Sundays so you have healthy options ready throughout the week. You can also keep snacks in your bag or car for when you’re on the go.

By following these 5 simple steps, you’ll be able to start creating healthier habits and reach your health goals in no time!

What are some healthy snacks that can be added to improve eating habits?

1. Nuts and Seeds: Raw almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, and other roasted nuts provide healthy fats, proteins, and fiber.

2. Fruits and Vegetables: Carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and other fruits, plus celery, peas, peppers, cucumbers, and other veggies make great snacks.

3. Smoothies and Shakes: Blend yogurt or almond milk with your favorite fruit, or blend frozen fruit with water or juice for a healthy smoothie.

4. Granola and Cereal Bars: Look for bars made with whole grains and natural ingredients as opposed to bars high in sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

5. Popcorn and Crackers: Look for whole-grain varieties and skip the butter and processed cheese toppings.

6. Yogurt: Choose ones with no added sweeteners and top with fresh fruit and nuts.

7. Hummus and Veggies: Dip celery, carrots, bell peppers, and other veggies in hummus for a healthy snack.

8. Edamame: Boil or steam edamame and top with a little sea salt for an easy snack.

9. Dried Fruit: Dried mango, pineapple, raisins, and other dried fruit can provide a healthy dose of sweetness. Just watch the portion size and make sure there are no added sugars.

10. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Boil several eggs at one time for easy snacks throughout the week. Top with a pinch of sea salt for added flavor.

What snacks are considered healthy?

-Fresh fruit and vegetables

-Nuts and seeds

-Unsweetened Yogurt

-Whole grain crackers


-Air-popped popcorn


-Dark Chocolate

-Dried fruit

-Homemade trail mix

-Smoothie or juice

-Cottage cheese

-Hard-boiled eggs

-Granola bars

-Roasted chickpeas

What are healthy snacks for kids?

1. Fresh fruit such as apple slices, oranges, bananas, or berries

2. Unsweetened yogurt with granola

3. Air-popped popcorn (lightly salted or seasoned)

4. Trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips

5. Whole wheat crackers with nut butter

6. Vegan, gluten-free muffins

7. Roasted chickpeas

8. Hummus with veggies

9. Hard-boiled eggs

10. Smoothies made with yogurt and fruit

What snacks for kids are low in sugar?

1. Freeze-dried fruit

2. Air-popped popcorn

3. Hummus with raw veggies

4. Yoghurt with fresh fruit

5. Turkey or cheese roll-ups

6. Celery with nut butter

7. Frozen grapes

8. Roasted chickpeas

9. Unsweetened applesauce

10. Hard boiled eggs

What snacks for kids are healthy and low in sugar?

1. Popcorn

2. Apples and peanut butter

3. Whole grain crackers with hummus

4. Celery sticks with Greek yogurt dip

5. Trail mix made with dried fruit, unsalted nuts, and dark chocolate chips

6. Homemade energy balls (dates, nuts, and peanut butter)

7. Greek yogurt parfait with granola

8. Kale chips

9. Ranch-flavored edamame

10. Coconut chips With a sprinkle of sea salt

What snacks are healthy for school-age children?

Healthy snacks for school-age children may include:

• Fresh fruit

• Celery and peanut butter

• Trail mix with nuts and dried fruit

• Whole grain crackers with hummus or guacamole

• Yogurt parfait with granola, fruit and nuts

• Air-popped popcorn

• Cheese and whole grain crackers

• Homemade smoothie or shake

• Hard-boiled eggs

• Unsalted sunflower seeds

• A handful of nuts or trail mix

• Homemade energy balls

• Homemade yogurt bites with fresh fruit

• Sliced vegetables with hummus

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