Easy and Fun Ways to Kick-Start Your Exercise Routine

by Nicole Abigail
Easy and Fun Ways to Kick-Start Your Exercise Routine

Exercising can be difficult to start. However, it can be very rewarding for your overall health and well-being. Listed below are some easy and fun ways to kick-start your exercise routine:

Walk Your Dog

If you have a dog at home, you have the perfect companion to accompany you on your morning or evening walks. Not only will you get a great workout in, but you’ll be creating a strong bond with your pet.

Sign-up with a Fitness App

Fitness apps are perfect for adding some structure and routine to your exercise routine. Apps like Nike Training Club, for example, provide beginner to advanced workouts that can be done at home to help you reach your goals.

Mix It Up

Hitting the same workout day in and day out can quickly become boring. Mix it up by experimenting with different dance classes, HIIT workouts or even just switching up the times and places you exercise.

Join a Sports Team

Joining a local sports team will be a fun way to socially connect with other people and get a great workout.

Create an Exercise Playlist

Creating an upbeat playlist can help you keep energized and motivated to conquer your workout.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself for sticking to your exercise routine can help keep you motivated. You can reward yourself with a spa day, shopping spree or even taking a day trip somewhere.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during your workout is key to keeping your energy levels up. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout will help you push through and achieve your fitness goals.

Make it a Group Activity

Inviting some friends or family members to join you in your workouts is a great way to motivate one another and make sure you all stick to your goals.

Set Small Goals

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do to reach your fitness goals, the best way to tackle it is by breaking it up into smaller goals. This way, it won’t be as intimidating and you’ll be able to reach them faster.

Have an Accountability Partner

Having someone who you check-in with and be accountable to can help boost motivation and keep you on track.

Choose Fun Exercises

Lifting weights isn’t the only way to exercise. There are endless activities you can choose from to make sure you’re having fun while getting in a good workout. Some ideas include rock climbing, tennis, yoga, swimming, rowing and HIIT.

Following these tips will help you kick-start your exercise routine and you’ll be surprised when you look back the progress you’ve made in no time.

What are some tips for staying motivated with an exercise routine?

1. Set realistic goals. Be realistic about what you’re capable of when setting your goals and make sure you celebrate when you achieve them.

2. Mix it up. If your exercises becomes too habitual or boring, find ways to encourage yourself to stay motivated. Try a different fitness class or switch up your routine so you remain engaged and challenged.

3. Find a friend. Exercising with a friend or even joining a fitness group can provide social support and help make it more fun and engaging.

4. Track your progress. Track your progress and celebrate small wins along the way. This can help bolster your confidence and keep you motivated.

5. Reward yourself. Set up rewards for yourself to stay motivated. A few small rewards along the journey can have a big impact.

6. Make it a lifestyle. Instead of focusing on exercising as a “chore”, think of it as something that’s part of your lifestyle. Focus on the mental and physical health benefits, get in tune with your body and take pleasure in the experience.

What are some good exercises to stay motivated?

1. Set short-term and long-term goals:

Think of goals you would like to achieve and write them down. Make them challenging but achievable. Strive to complete the goals and track your progress.

2. Make a workout schedule:

It can be hard to build healthy habits and stay motivated if you don’t have a plan. Set aside a specific time each day to exercise and make sure to stick to it.

3. Reward yourself:

When you complete a challenge, reward yourself with something that will motivate you even more. It can be as simple as a piece of your favorite candy or maybe a new pair of workout clothes.

4. Join a group or find a workout buddy:

Being around people with the same interests and goals can be inspiring. Plus, having someone to hold you accountable can help you stay motivated and on track.

5. Experiment with different exercises and activities:

Explore different types of exercises and activities such as yoga, dancing, cycling, and rock climbing. Find something that you enjoy and stick to it.

What exercises can I do to stay motivated throughout my workout?

1. Set realistic goals for each workout.

2. Create a fitness playlist of upbeat songs to help you push through a tough session.

3. Take breaks between exercises to help keep your energy levels up.

4. Switch up your routine every few weeks to keep your body guessing and stay motivated.

5. Incorporate bodyweight exercises like burpees, mountain climbers and jump squats into your workout.

6. Challenge yourself by tracking and recording your progress.

7. Reward yourself with something special after meeting your goals.

8. Join a fitness class or workout with a friend to keep you accountable.

9. Take progress photos to help you visualize your progress.

10. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while working out to entertain and distract you.

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